DHA Nursing Test:

If you are a GNM/B.Sc.(n)/M.Sc(n) nurse and planing work in Dubai then you need to pass DUBAI HEALTH AUTHORITY (DHA)  NURSING TEST. After that you will get Licence to work as Nurse in Dubai. For that Purpose you need to get registered with DHA . It takes about 3-4 months to become eligible to take this exam. This exam is Computer based Test(CBT) with Multiple Choice Questions conducted by Pearson Vue almost daily at major cities of Indian as well as other cities of the world.

Duration of This DHA NURSING TEST TRAINING : 4 months  Daily 4-5 hours classes.

Eligibility: GNM/BSc/MSc( Nursing) and with Minimum two year clinical Experience( Minimum 50 beds hospital) after getting R N certificate with Nursing Council of state.

Fee for this training: 50,000/-( Rupees Fifty thousands only )

Total expenditure for getting registered with DHA and CBT Exam : 60, 000/-( Rupees Sixty Thousands only approximately )

JOB Opportunities: A number of jobs are available for DHA Nursing Licence holders and salary may range between Rs.1,00,000/- to 1,50000/-( Rupees One lakh to one and half lakh only) in Dubai. Institute will guide and counsel for getting good jobs.

Hostel and PG available:  Monthly expenses about Rs. 6000/- to 7000/- pm including meals.

EILTS is not required but having good scores in IELTS will be additional qualifications.


NCLEX Training

National Institute has a long, respected and established history in the India for Nursing industry, having years of experience helping nurses immigrate and work in the United States. We’re extremely proud of our NCLEX-RN training course for registered nurses. It features an extremely high pass rate.

Remember that passing this exam is a requirement for non US/Canadian nurses to practice nursing within the United States of America and Canada(January 2015 onward). The moment you’ve passed the exam, you will be considered a registered nurse within the USA and Canada can starting looking for work in a State / city of your choice.

We offer fantastic NCLEX-RN training along with help and guidance with the licensing process. Our experience with the licensing process allows us to help you achieve your goals in the quickest and most efficient route possible. We break the whole licensing and NCLEX process down into manageable and simple steps with full assistance from a dedicated team of licensing professionals.

Duration: This is 4 month training Program and about 5-6 hour daily classes.

Fee: Total fee for 4 month training is Rs.50,000/-( Rupees fifty Thousands only)

Candidate will deposit 20000/- Rupees at the time admission and balance in equal monthly three installments of Rs.10,000/- each.


The English language test for healthcare professionals
OET is an international English language test that assesses the language and communication skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practise in an English-speaking environment.

It provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking – with an emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings.

OET tests international health practitioners in the following 12 professions:

• Dentistry • Pharmacy
• Dietetics • Physiotherapy
• Medicine • Podiatry
• Nursing • Radiography
• Occupational Therapy • Speech Pathology
• Optometry • Veterinary Science

Who recognises OET?

OET is recognised and trusted by healthcare boards and councils in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Many organisations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.  In addition, OET is recognised by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection for a number of visa categories, including work and student visas.  

 First Time OET Exam Details

Before applying to OET

  • read this page carefully
  • read theTerms & Conditions
  • read the OET Test Regulations 2015and read this page carefully.

The above documents contain important information and instructions for applying for OET including:

  • OET test fees and payment guidelines
  • Applying online
  • ID and photo guidelines
  • Deferral and withdrawal policies.

You will require

  • Your credit card or other payment details
  • Your identification document
  • A digital passport photo.

OET test fees and dates

  • AUD$587.00 including $7.00 booking fee
    • Test fees in Australia include GST
  • You will be able to book the next scheduled test date during registration.

Payment guidelines

Payment are accepted by credit card, bank cheque, money order or third party payment through the ASDOT/DIISERTE program.

  • Credit card the OET Centre accepts MasterCard and Visa. All payments are processed through SecurePay.
  • Bank cheque/Money order
    • All funds must be in Australian dollars and drawn on an Australian bank.
    • Payable to Cambridge Boxhill Language Assessment Pty Ltd.
    • Post bank cheques or money orders along with a printed copy of your online application form to
    • Payments that arrive after the closing date for an administration will not be accepted.
  • Third Party payment
    • Choose this payment method only if an organisation or government department such as ASDOT/DIISRTE is paying for your application.
    • Please note that payments cannot be finalised until we have received the original agreement to pay from ASDOT/DIISRTE.

Applying online

Ensure all information is entered accurately when you complete the online application form.

Your name, date of birth, ID number and ID expiry date on this application must match those on your ID document exactly. If they do not, you will not be able to take OET. No refund will be issued. You will need to apply and pay again to sit the test.

  • Contact us
    • if you do not have the required ID
    • if any changes need to be made to your application . In this case certified copies of original documents must be received no later than 5 days after the closing date for applications.

Your address must be entered accurately.

  • Your Statement of Results will be sent to this address
  • This address will appear on your Statement of Results.

The OET Centre handles your data according to our Privacy Policy

ID guidelines

  • Identification documents must include a photograph
  • Original documents must be used
  • Documents must be valid – expired documents will not be accepted.

Within Australia

  • You must provide your original valid passport as proof of identity. No other type of photo identification will be accepted.

Outside Australia

  • You may provide your original valid passport
  • You may provide your original valid National Identify Card for the country in which you are sitting the test

If you are testing outside your country of origin you must use your original valid passport and provide evidence of recent travel.

Duration: This is 4 month training Program and about 5-6 hour daily classes.

Fee: Total fee for 4 month training is Rs.50,000/-( Rupees fifty Thousands only)

Candidate will deposit 20000/- Rupees at the time admission and balance in equal monthly three installments of Rs.10,000/- each.