About Us

NATIONAL INSTITUTE CHANDIGARH (Formerly National Institute of Technical Education)(NITE) was established in the year 1989

National Institute Chandigarh (Formerly known as National Institute of Technical Education popularly known as “NITE” was established in the year 1989. NITE is being run and managed efficiently by sound promoters, which are being ably supported by highly qualified & experienced professionals, intellectuals of status and repute. The promoters started this venture in a big way to meet the ever increasing aspirations of the students for various Recognized Technical, Computer, Vocational, Travel and Tourism ,Merchant Navy Courses, Nanny and alike courses. The detailed information of all the courses is given on the following pages of the prospectus.

Ours is still a developing country. We are no match to advance countries where the society provides fare chance to both the privileged and under privileged. We here in India are still in dire need of Technical Institutes, which can provide affordable but qualitative and time bound training so as to turn out qualified professionals in various fields to accelerate the development of our country. A good Institute is not only a single collection of Text books and faculty of the learned persons but also the expertise and guidance in achieving the cherished goals to become professional in the shortest possible period. Hard work never fails. Our motto, “Work is worship” speak well of us. We have in the Institute work for more than 12 hours a day, a nonstop schedule.

NITE is an educational center for the candidates who want to achieve their goal in life, especially the students with rural back grounds. As they always face many problems like communication or language problem. We provide homely atmosphere to them so they could learn things in an easy way.

Institute also help in finding suitable jobs for our qualified candidates. The management has already initiated to build contacts with renowned Institutions and eminent persons of standing in various fields to be members on the advisory committee for guidance from time to time for better co-ordination and healthy result. We inculcate amongst students the spirit of Devotion, Dedication, and Decorum whilst keeping them in Discipline.